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  • Girlfriend's response to my insisting on waiting for the pineapple: like, yeh we mislead you and this was all about ted finally getting into robin's pants, the mother wasn't ever it, hahahahahaha i bet u never saw it comin!!111!!! shhhhh it's hokay i give u pineapple!!!


You know what the worst part is? We all knew she was going to die. It was a given, it’s been a given since The Time Travellers. That’s not even what I’m upset about.

I’m upset about the fact that they’ve demanded of us to believe that this woman was the love of Ted’s life. They’ve demanded of us to think that no matter how much he thought otherwise, he never loved anyone the way he loved her. They’ve demanded of us to root for these two, only to throw it all under the rug.

It was never about her. It was never about her and even their children know it. It was never about her, it was always about the other woman, the one who stomped on Ted’s heart way too many times.

Tracy was a footnote, a consolation prize. And now that she’s dead he finally gets to get his purple giraffe. And it makes me so mad.

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lol so how many times were we shown that ted and robin didn’t work as a couple

how many times was it made painfully clear that their relationship was unhealthy

how many times was it shown in uncomfortable clarity how bad it was for both of them that ted idolized robin the way he did 

frankly i don’t care that barney and robin didn’t end up together but to devalue years of character development, to reduce the mother to a plot device, to make robin miserable and disconnected and unhappy without ted in her life was wrong 

it was wrong and it was a betrayal and i am so heartbroken, guys, i gave nine years of my life to this show for it to turn around on me like this

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How I Met Your Mother writers & producers, we need to talk.


At least it wasn’t as bad as the Dexter finale



You know what - No. I am not done. SPOILERS for How I met Your Mother Finale


Firstly because it is the one that offends me the most 

  1. What the fuck did you do to my precious Barney? We had season after season showing us his development. We had subtle touches throughout on what sort of a person he could be and this last season had the majority of your fans really happy that he was going to marry Robin. Because she made him a better person. They helped each other and understood each other. Even after the divorce I could see them still being together because sometimes marriage isn’t for everyone but you just took all that hard work and took him back to season 1 Barney. I’ll admit the scene with Ellie was perfect for Barney but if that was his salvation we needed more of it. There was no closure for Barney and that hurts as a fan.
  2. Evidently the writers also don’t care about Marshall and Lily because, Hell, we don’t even get to hear what their 3rd child is called, let alone how they’re doing other than missing the gang. Nothing about Lily’s job in the future, nothing about their kids growing up with Teds. Nope. Marshall and Lily are practically supporting cast and not the back bone the fans know them to be
  3. HOW DARE YOU MAKE US LOVE THAT GIRL AND SHIT ON HER PLOTLINE! The Mother was perfect for Ted. PERFECT. Even after getting ill and all the heartbreak then, she was the perfect soul mate for Ted. AND THEN YOU FUCKED IT UP! “This time it’s different”, Universal signs and fate? Apparently it doesn’t mean shit when you can just hook back up with your on again off again (OH look its Ross and Rachel!) absent friend you haven’t seen in years! The last five minutes shat on all the build you’ve been running for years. Because apparently - Who cares How he met their mother? when the show might as well have been called -
  4. 'How i had you guys but let me tell you about my hot ex-girlfriend who i still want to bang' and this, this I think offended me way more than I expected. Robin was moving on with her life. She loved Barney. She was a great friend to Lily and the whole gang. Do you honestly expect us to believe that everything between them would just fall away like that? Do you even understand friendship based off years of trust and tears and devotion? Do you honestly expect us to believe Barney wouldn't have been able to cope travelling in the world due to “no Wifi” Are you FUCKING SERIOUS?! When it's already been made abundantly clear he'd do anything for Robin! He traveled the world for work too, I think he'd cope, I think he'd fight for his marriage because thats what Robin and Barney are like! (But it seems the writers forgot a lot about their cast) And no way can they believe that Robin would just walk out of their lives like that. Heartless and emotionless? No. I refuse to believe after everything we've seen Robin go through she'd just leave for years on end and then just waltz back into their lives and end up with Ted.

FUCK NO. It’s shitty writing. It’s shitty closure. It’s forgotten it’s characters and most importantly forgotten it’s audience.

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Pre-HIMYM finale funtimes.

"I’m scared about the finale"

— everyone who has ever been a fan of a TV show (via youkicklikeanineyearoldgirl-cm)

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